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Gage Systems Management

  • Gage Systems Management

    A.A. Jansson, Michigan's premier provider of calibration services is partnering with Compliance Managers to provide the following services for clients.

    We will:

    • Analyze your gage calibration requirements within your facility.
    • Evaluate calibrate or replace costs of all gages within the facility.
    • Develop a firm fixed cost for a 3 year period for the calibration of all gages. 
    • Schedule all gages in your facility for calibration either at your facility or off site, as you prefer
    • Provide loaner gages for your facility when practical.

    We provide calibration for the following:

     Angle Blocks
     Angle Plates
     Bevel Protractors
     Comparator Gages
     Dial Indicator Calibrator
     Dial Indicators
     Gage Blocks
     Height Gages
     Height Masters
     Length Standards
     Optical Comparators
     Plain Pin/Plug Gages
     Radius Gages
     Spheres and precision balls
     Steel Rules
     Surface Plates
     Thread Wires
     Thread Plugs
     Rockwell Hardness Testers
     Brinell Hardness Testers
     Knoop Hardness
     Scales and Balances 30g to 30kg
     Torque Wrenches 4 in lb to 600 ft lb
     Machine Tools
     High Accuracy Height Gages
     Precision Levels/Bubble Levels
     Roundness Gage
     Sine Plates/Sine Bars
     Surface Roughness Specimens
     V Blocks
     CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines)